This is who we are

Musick Road was created with the idea of guiding artists
through transparency, visibility, education, and communication.

Musick Road is a digital marketing agency focused on providing services and products to the music industry. Our purpose is to educate artists to understand the concept of digital marketing and the benefits that each digital platform brings to their music careers, from social media to music platforms, web properties, and the entire digital spectrum. 

Through transparency, visibility, education, and communication, we strive to educate our clients and optimize their strategies based on their needs and those of their audiences.

Our Story

From one musician to another

We know that playing music is more than a passion; however, when it comes to music gear, it is common to see that musicians are usually left to do their research and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

With Musick Road, I wanted to create products that enable musicians to have an awesome playing experience with products that are easy to use, have a high-quality feel, and are reasonably priced.

As with every dream, it all started with the first step, the name.

Playing an instrument is a life-changing experience. Make it a good one.

Daniel Falquez, digital content strategist at Musick Road

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Our Name

Where did the name come from?

In 2004, Hurricane Charley swept through South Florida and left nothing less than chaos. It was one of the strongest hurricanes to hit the Sunshine State in years and one that we all remember to have shaken us pretty well.

At the time, I worked as a courier to support my music career and drove through the same street every day in Miami Lakes. It was the very first time I ran across the Musick Rd sign.

During the aftermath of the storm, I was dropping some packages off and noticed that the sign wasn’t on top of its post. I quickly realized that Hurricane Charley had knocked it down, and it was laying on the curb.

I felt the need to take it as the sign resonated deeply with me. I then hung it in my room and while I moved it several times, it never crossed my mind to let it go.

Musick Road Story
The original Musick Road sign that was recovered from the aftermath of Hurricane Charley
Daniel, Pao & Nico @ Summer NAMM 2019 in Nashville, TN | Musick Road
Daniel, Pao & Nico at the Cusack Music booth during Summer NAMM 2019
Our Process

It’s all in the family

After coming up with the name and some product ideas, I needed to get my family involved.

After discussing the business plan with my wife, I decided to make Musick Road a family business, and, by this, I do not mean the financial benefits of having and maintaining a business but more so the idea of having the family work together on this project.

Each family member has something to contribute in one way or another, from packing and organizing to designing each item, writing content, and researching.

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