Our goal is to help artists expand their knowledge about the concept of digital marketing and get the most out of their strategic planning.

Musick Road social media strategy | Image by Adem Ay via Unsplash

Social Media Strategy

Building a social media presence as an artist can be challenging and confusing. However, communicating through various social media platforms is a very powerful tool to engage your audience while promoting your work, yourself, and or your band.

We know that communicating effectively through social media takes time and effort, our social media strategy plans will help you through this process.

Music Platform Strategy

Cultivating an audience and a community around an artist is important when building the brand and fan base. With a proper music platform strategy, Musick Road will assist you to expand your audience while promoting your music.

Musick Road music platform strategy | Image by James Owen via Unsplash
Musick Road release strategy | Image by Lucas Alexander via Unsplash

Music Release Strategy

Releasing music can be hectic and even stressful. We can take some workload off your shoulder by creating and implementing strategies that best fit your goals of global distribution.

Here are some of the strategies we can help you with: 

  • Upload music and configure it on your distributor
  • Pitch music to platforms and playlists
  • Sync lyrics
  • Apply release branding to social media profiles and music platforms
  • PRO Registrations (ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC) and MLC
  • Registration with Library of Congress

Branding and Content Creation

In the music industry, building a brand is crucial. We combine art and technology to expand your visibility as an artist while conveying the desired message through visual communication.

  • Websites and digital content
  • Music release graphics
  • Album cover art
  • Event graphics
  • Course graphics
  • Design layouts
  • Logos
  • Curation of stock and proprietary images
  • Video covers
  • Social media assets
Musick Road creates content for artists, bandas and companies in music industry
Musick Road business startegy | Image by Nathan Nichols via Unsplash

Business Strategy

Developing a business plan helps you create opportunities. By combining your ideas and ours, we will guide you to identify your goals and focus on your market and specific audience.

  • Social media strategy
  • Content ideas for your pillars
  • Consultations
  • Business structuring
  • Product and service development

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