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  • Front package view of the Musick Road Ukulele Felt Picks 6 pack

    Ukulele Felt Picks – 6 Pack


    Our special poly/felt blend picks produce a warm tone while providing a natural grip through the fibers. Our warm tone felt picks are the go-to for Ukulele players but bass players can also benefit from these as an alternative to finger picking. Check our other listings to enjoy your playing experience. We also carry a line of accessories that include capo, tuner, black and classic strap. Check back as we will be adding new products like celluloid picks, pick puncher, colorful single gauge packs, including pink, red, orange, funny and many more.

  • Set of 15 Musick Road brand Delrin Guitar Picks With Adjustable Grip and Case. Assorted Color-Coded Thicknesses.

    Delrin Guitar Pick Variety Pack with Grips and Case


    The Musick Road Guitar Pick Set provides options, convenience, and superb playability. The comfort and durability of our chip-resistant Delrin pick provide a clean, bright attack with a slight texture that makes them easier to hold on to. And if you need an additional grip, we provide self-sticking cork rounds that will add the assurance you are looking for. Because we are musicians too, we understand the need for convenience when it comes to our gear. We provide a deluxe carrying case that allows you to see the bright color-coded picks so that it is easy to see and identify. If you are a beginner player or a versatile pro, you will find this pick set to be your daily go-to gear.