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  • Musick Road Vintage Tweed Strap with Strap Holders

    Vintage Tweed Strap


    The Musick Road Guitar Poly Strap provides the ultimate convenience with the comfort and durability that you would expect and deserve. Our 2″ wide fully adjustable length (36″ – 62″) polypropylene webbing is carefully engineered to prevent stretching and color fading with machined stitched PU leather ends for greater strength. Because we are musicians too, we understand the need for convenience when it comes to our gear. We provide 3 pockets that allow you to keep your picks at hands reach so that you can focus on doing what you do best. If you are a beginner player or a versatile pro, you will find this strap to be your daily go-to gear and the safety that it will protect your instrument in the most intense shows since we include our maintenance-free strap locks everytime you order a new strap.