Day Off Tour? We’re inviting you to Orlando, Florida to visit two record stores this week!

We will also be discussing why it is important to maintain relationships with record stores as independent artists and why physical formats such as CDs, vinyl, and tapes are still important.

Park Ave CDs

Park Ave CDs is a colorful record shop that has anything and everything beyond records.

It was established in 1984 and has been serving the music community in Orlando for over 30 years. 

This record store is home to music in all formats–CDs, cassettes, vinyl, and tapes.

They have new, used, and all genres available for you to purchase. You can also explore music from local artists in all genres.

There is also a bookstore full of paperbacks and biographies of musicians.

Park Ave also has a variety of toys and knick-knacks for all ages, with a wall of Funko Pops and horror posters of creepy monsters. 

You can purchase a little something called a Mystery Bag by the register. They come in brown paper bags.

These bags contain a mystery of items you can unravel once you buy them. You can get a mystery bag of books, CDs, stickers, and even tapes!

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Remix Records

Remix Record Shop is an independently-owned store in Orlando located in the Mills 50 district.

This quaint record shop has all the essentials for every music lover. From vinyl to CDs, Remix Records has everything! 

They sell new and used vinyl, tapes, and CDs in all genres for amazing prices.

They are also proud sponsors of Sunday Night Vinyl on Real Radio 104.1, which play classic-alternative music.

This shop also celebrates Record Store Day with its anniversary, selling merch and discounted items in April.

Have fun and honor your local store by purchasing some new CDs or tapes! 

Remix Records also has a mystery bag collection! These bags contain CDs, vinyl, stickers, and a small hint of what might be inside.

Careful though, these hints are not always reliable!

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Relationships with record stores as an independent artist

As an independent artist, you might want record stores to sell your music, so your work can be out in the glorious world of sounds.

To do this, you must create a valuable relationship with the record store employees, managers, and owners. This means making some friends! 

You can’t just go up to the person behind the register and shove your music in their face and say, “Hey, dude, sell this for me.”

Sadly, life doesn’t work like that. Talk to them about your music, your interest in their store, and why you want them to sell your music. Topics like that. It’s almost like an interview. 

Just to remind you of common morals, you’re not only building this beautiful relationship for your benefit.

Upon agreeing to sell your music, the record store will most likely earn some profit from selling your music.

The way the money is split should be decided between the manufacturer and you.

Now, go out and make some friends with record store people!

Why are physical formats such as CDs, vinyl, and tapes still important?

People continue to question whether or not physical formats such as CDs, vinyl, and tapes are still important in today’s world.

Physical formats continue to hold importance for several reasons:

Tangible experience

Physical formats provide a tactile and sensory experience that digital formats cannot replicate.

Holding a vinyl record or flipping through a CD booklet can create a deeper connection with the music and artist, offering a more immersive and personal experience for fans.

Collectability and nostalgia

Many music enthusiasts appreciate the collectability and nostalgia associated with physical formats.

Owning a physical copy of an album, especially in limited editions or special packaging, can be a cherished item for fans and collectors.

Physical formats also allow for the display and showcasing of a music collection, adding a sense of pride and sentimentality.

Sound quality

Audiophiles often argue that physical formats, particularly vinyl records, offer a warmer and richer sound compared to digital formats.

Vinyl records, in particular, can capture the nuances and depth of the music in a unique way, appealing to those who prioritize high-quality audio.

Artistic expression

Physical formats provide artists with an additional canvas for creative expression.

Album artwork, liner notes, and lyric booklets allow musicians to tell a visual and narrative story that complements their music.

The larger canvas of vinyl records, for instance, offers more room for intricate and visually striking artwork.

Merchandising and revenue

Physical formats, especially when accompanied by merchandise bundles, can generate additional revenue for artists.

Fans often value exclusive or limited edition physical releases, making them willing to pay a premium for these items.

This can be particularly beneficial for independent artists seeking to diversify their income streams.

Accessibility and convenience

While digital streaming dominates the music landscape, physical formats can still offer accessibility and convenience in certain situations.

For example, CDs and cassette tapes can be played on car stereos or portable players without requiring an internet connection or relying on data limits.

They can also be enjoyed in areas with limited or unreliable internet access.